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Dial Up Internet Service

$15.95 /mo

-5 emailboxes
-Nationwide Access Numbers

-SPAM Blocker
-Symantext Antivirus
-Optional Accelerator
-Free Personal Website space
NOTE: Networkable Internet Connection for Internet Sharing
Nationwide Dialup Access -  It's Good To Be An NLAmerican
Out of town, no problem! Just use another access number local to your location.

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When you need..
High quality dial up service, look no further! We
provide internet service from Macon to Dublin, Warner Robins to Eastman and most places in between the Pacific and the Atlantc Ocean and between Mexico and Canada.

With facilities providing capabilities far in excess of our subscribers, we are able to provide no waiting with unlimited access.  If you are looking for a low-cost reliable internet access solution, there is no better option than
NetLineAmerica©. All subscribers receive five mailboxes with 30 MB of space, free personal website space, incoming and outgoing Symantecs virus scanning for your protection and our exclusive SpamDam™ email premium SPAM filtering system. We also offer both web based and popable email so you can check your email from home or anywhere in the world. At our website you will find helpful free software downloads such as PopUpStopper™, a pop up ad killer. And finally, to keep everything running smooth we offer the best technical support around. If you have a question or issue related to your service our staff is available to help with even the smallest problems. At NetLine America© you will receive the best of the web.

How It Works

It's all very simple really. Just stop by or call NetLine America.   It takes about five to ten minutes and $15.95 and your signed up for your first month. There are no setup fees, deposits or hassles. We just need your Name, Address, Phone Number and such and we will have your account setup and ready to go by the time you leave or hangup. When you sign up we will give you a free floppy disk to make setting up access on your computer system even easier. If you already have internet access then you can easily download our setup software from our website. We accept cash, checks, money orders and can even set you up on automatic monthly credit card payments. All you need is a computer with a modem in good working order and a good telephone line and your ready to go.

Payments for a year in advance recieve the
13 month for FREE !

PLUS! Now Offering Nationwide Dialup coverage & Dialup Accelerator
to speed up you dialup as much 5 times faster!

That's it! No complicated one year or two year contracts. No time limits or specific byte limits.  If you have a dial tone and can call any one of our thousands of numbers you can connect to NetLine America.

** Reasonable use policies apply. By signing up with NetLine America you have access to the Internet on an unlimited basis for use. This means that you are welcome to use your NetLine America connection as much as you like for active usage. However, when not in use we require that you disconnnect.  Inactive usage is discouraged since it consumes bandwidth unecessarily. We appreciate your coorperation with this policy since is helps provide everyone with a better service.


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